Katie Gets Krabby with Christopher Rich ("Murphy Brown", "Reba")...

Christopher Rich, well known for his roles on television's "Murphy Brown" and "Reba", joins Katie to talk about the new sitcom he's working on and how listeners can help support it. Not only is he playing a character on this unique new show, but he's also a producer for "Swallow Your Bliss", which also stars Lisa Long, Caroline Rich Schwartz, and Michael Dorn. But what's cool about the show isn't just a cast that includes actors who have appeared on things like CBS' "Murphy Brown", NBC's "Community", Nickelodeon's "FRED: The Show", and Paramount's "Star Trek". No, what's cooler is how the show is planning to serve the less fortunate while serving up laughs. And what's cooler still is that "Katie Gets Krabby" listeners can help get this show made via the "Swallow Your Bliss" indiegogo campaign! Listen to Katie's show now, then go here to make Christopher Rich's show happen: http://tinyurl.com/Swallow-Your-Bliss!

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