Ladies Night on "Not Ready For Radio"

Tune in this week for another double-dose of "Not Ready For Radio" with Larry Duane! It's kind of a Ladies Night around here, as tonight's new episodes feature a couple of lovely Kansas City gals spending a bit of quality time with Larry (and -- vicariously -- with you).

First up, in episode 18 (Mah Girlfren), Larry convinces Katie -- his lovely girlfriend -- to join him on mic to talk about their burgeoning romance, and to take a quiz to help determine just how strong her feelings for him are. The couple also share stories about the very first days of their relationship, and talk about some of the challenges that they're tackling together.

Next, in the 19th episode of the show (The Pin-Up, the Pious, and the Plague), pin-up princess Devyn Lundy joins Larry Duane for a candid and revealing discussion about being sexy without being slutty, and about being righteous without being religious. A look at this week's news is also... uh... revealing, with a story about TSA "package" handlers, a link between a man's digits and his ding-a-ling, and a woman granted the right to swim topless in public. There's also a plague of flies; plus, "Twilight" as a doorway for the devil!

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