Oh. My. Pod.

New ShitNeed something to occupy your time this 4th of July holiday week? Well, you are in luck because we're fully equipped to give you hours of aural stimulation!

A brand new show is available today! "Talking Pictures" is an interactive podcast in which you pop our movie-of-the-month into your home cinema device, turn down the volume, and tune into our commentary. In episode one, you're invited to watch the sci-fi horror classic "Alien" along with Nat, Larry, and Alex, who spend the film sharing their thoughts about the movie, and also going off on wild tangents

But that's not all! Larry Duane also offers you a double-shot of "Not Ready For Radio" in the form of episode 16 (with guest Matt Andres), and episode 17 (with Andrea Housh and Amber Killingsworth), both available today!

And, finally, July 4th ushers in the third installment of "That Movie Podcast: Film Talk Q & A" with Quincy Brown and Alex Paxton, in which the boys will no doubt be bickering over which flicks suck, and which flicks rock.

So get your butt out of the heat and into the air conditioned comfort of your favorite chair, visit our podcasts page, and choose the form of your distractor!

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