Sexy September is Here! "Not Ready For Radio" is Waiting to Satisfy You Aurally.

Sexy September is here, and Larry Duane is giving it to you deep with a double-dose of stimulation for your aural cavities this week!

In episode 24, Drew Black is back, so Larry dims the lights and gets him into the mood for the string of Sexy September shows planned for "Not Ready Ready For Radio" in the coming weeks by sharing stories of stiletto racing, anal ink, and stumbling upon surprise nudity. Listen to all of this and more on this special bonus episode!

The hotness continues in episode 25 when Larry welcomes Amanda Hamburg Feldman to the show for the first official episode of his Sexy September string of shows. Larry tries to figure out what a biker babe is and isn't, and he also gets to learn a little bit about what it takes to be a promotional model. Also discussed are super-sexy stories about National Go-Topless Day in the USA, charity boob squeezes in Asia, and additional uses for the little swimmers in your balls.

Listen to "Not Ready For Radio" by clicking here!

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